GAF Street Astro Guide


In an effort to promote amateur astronomy in Sweden and support the International Dark Sky Association’s effort of listing suitable locations for astronomy observing or photographing a number of dedicated GAF members have come together to share their knowledge of our island in the south east of Sweden. The island Öland is famous for it’s large number of cloud free days and nights, stable atmosphere as well as for being one of southern Sweden’s darkest locations making it probably one of the better locations for amateur astronomy in Sweden.

The result of these efforts can be found in the GAF Street Astro guide which will give you 23 of out favorite sites around the island as well as a lot of practical information relating to the sites such as GPS coordinates, photo of the site, SQM dark value as well as conveniences in the vicinity and other general information about the location.

Please click here to download the GAF Street Astro Guide.

Happy observing and enjoy our beautiful island!
Grönhögens Astronomical Guild
Please also find more details about our our dark readings on the site below: